Kimono Stylist: Okawa Toshiko

Toshiko Okawa Kimono


<About Me>

I'm a Kimono Stylist for graduation ceremonies, coming-of-age ceremonies, and weddings based in Los Angeles.

In addition to being a kimono dressing instructor, I also work as a kimono dresser for Hollywood movies, film festivals, and music videos. I also perform Koto (Japanese harp). I have contributed articles to Sweet Orange, a local newspaper in Orange County. 


Work Experience

Film Dressing

TV Commercial

Koto Performance

Toshiko Okawa Koto Performance

Kimono Dressing

  • The Grammy Awards, to the winner of men's formal kimono, Hakama
    Koji Nakamura Grammy award Hakama
  • Los Angeles Eiga Fest MC Kimono dressing
  • Miss Asian Pageant

Kimono photo shooting

  • The Los Angeles Film Festival for an advertising Kimono photo shooting
  • Nisei Queen and Court
  • Hollywood model photoshoot
  • Private weddings/wedding anniversaries/private and public special events
  • Riisa Naka's Kimono photo shooting